Happy Fragments, Y’all


Wooooh.  TGIF!  I’ve had a few rough weeks at work lately, but this week was a good one.  A well-deserved good one!


We’re looking forward to a low-key weekend.  No big plans coming up.  Just relaxation!
We’ve had some lovely cool fall mornings and evenings lately.  I LOVE the weather as it is now.  But, I know the cold is coming (yes, we do have some cold temps in North Florida) and I am dreading it.  Wah, wah, wah, I know, stop whining, but ugh.  I hate being cold!


I would LOVE for you to consider helping out with a small donation for our Light the Night Walk!  We’re walking in honor of Dusty, my friend’s son who is now my daughter Shelbie’s boyfriend.  He is 18 and has t-cell lymphoma.  EVERY little bit helps!  The walk is next week!


Favorite funny from this past week at work–
Me, to slightly confused elderly patient: “Do you remember how to call us if you need anything?”
Patient: “HELLLOOOO???”


I snapped a picture of the pink ribbon float at the hospital duckpond.  I took it to use for that day’s Instagram photo prompt, which was “Pink”.  It came out so pretty, I wanted to share it here.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!  

Half-Past Kissin' Time

16 thoughts on “Happy Fragments, Y’all

  1. Dropping over from my blog via Friday Fragments. I have to admit, being a big Toby Keith fan I read your “I Wanna Talk About Me” section before I read the frags. Love your sense of humor and your little piece of paradise.

    Hellooooooo?? Ha! I bet you deal with just as much fun stuff as bus drivers.

    Enjoy your relaxing weekend. I’m doing the same thing…not a whole lot of anything.


  2. Have to crack up at the Helllloooo…I’m a nurse and have had my fair share of similar responses. I would always rather get a giggle from patients than a headache.

    LOVE the pink ribbon in the pond! It’s beautiful.


    • Way better to laugh than the ones who make you want to scream! That sweet old guy has sundowners so he gets a little confused at night. Cracked me up with that comment! HELLOOOO does work so I guess he had a point. lol


  3. Really pretty “pink” picture! I have a friend of Korean descent who is a nurse at a nearby hospital. One of her patients asked her what nationality she was, and after she told her the woman patted her on the back and said, “Your family must be so proud. Most of your people do nails!” I’m sure it was an old southern woman who said it! My friend said she was speechless, and that’s soooo not like her!


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