Light the Night

I am SO happy to announce that I had three donations to the Heart Walk and almost met my goal!  I was also the top fundraiser for my unit.  WOOT WOOT!  And TWO of those donations, 2/3 of the money raised, were from blog friends.  (The other was from my Mama – of course!)  I have some amazing blog friends and I am deeply grateful for them.

Soooo what do I do now?  I ask for donations AGAIN!  Because yet another walk is coming up for yet another cause that is VERY near and dear to our hearts – The Light the Night Walk, benefiting the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  As you may know, our family friend/my daughter’s boyfriend, Dusty, was diagnosed last year, at 17 years old, with T-cell Lymphoma.  He is now in his maintenance phase and doing well.  We are walking in his honor!

One thing I like about the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s donation site is that you can donate ANY amount online.  I was very disappointed that, with the American Heart Association, you could only donate $25 or more via online donation; any smaller donation had to be mailed in.  Very frustrating – and I told AHA about that!  It’s much easier to get ten people to donate five dollars than to get one person to donate fifty!

Anyway – if you are willing and able, PLEASE help us out with this very special walk!  Whatever amount you choose to donate is greatly appreciated from the bottom of our hearts.  Just visit our Team Dusty site to make your online donation.

The walk is just over two weeks away, and I’ll be posting reminders!



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