Showers of Blessings ~SIMC

Today was really great.
I packed a LOT of wonderful into one day!

I got up at approximately the butt crack of dawn to do the Heart Walk.  Okay, it was more like 6:15, but still.  Too early for a Saturday morning!  I was a little uncertain about how the walk would go; most of the other walkers from my floor were day shifters, whom I only know in passing.  But, it was great; we chatted the entire time and laughed and had a blast.  Much of the time, I talked to my Big Boss.  She recently moved here from New York and found our backwoods, hunting lifestyle very interesting!


Yours Truly
Heart Walk for American Heart Association

It misted a little at the end of the walk, which is why my hair looks crazy!  It was a little shower before the shower.

After the walk, my hubby, mother-in-law and I did a little shopping.  Then my Mom and I went to my friend Vicki’s wedding shower.


The bride-to-be and the newlywed

I literally don’t remember meeting Vicki because I’ve known her my entire life.  I had so much fun at her shower! I can’t wait for the wedding. It’ll be a blast.


Our Moms are good friends, which is how we became good friends. I call her mom, Mom 2!

After the shower, it was back to my Mother-in-Law’s house.  My hubby, Byron, cut up part of the deer he killed on Thursday, and we had bacon-wrapped venison cooked on the grill.  I made fried cabbage with bacon, and cornbread.  My son came over and enjoyed this delicious meal with us.


Mouth-watering good.


Hope you enjoyed your weekend, too!  

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Unknown Mami


7 thoughts on “Showers of Blessings ~SIMC

  1. High Five to you for taking part in the Heart Walk. That is AWESOME!!!
    And I’m cracking up about Mrs 4444’s comment. Ha!
    Happy Sundays In My City.


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