Half-Asleep Fragments

Half-Past Kissin' Time

Holy exhaustion, Batman.  I am BEAT.  This week has worn me out!

Today has been one of the best days I’ve had in a while.  Unfortunately, I can’t really elaborate on that.  But, just know that things are good and getting better!

Byron killed his first deer of the season today!  It’s also the first one he has killed since we’ve been together.  I helped him butcher the little buck.  I am amazed at his skill and knowledge.  He wanted to kill this specific deer, so he was very pleased.  I will elaborate more on that later.
Bacon wrapped venison is in my near future.  I can’t wait!

Saturday is the Heart Walk.  It’s also the day of the wedding shower of one of my life long best friends.  For some reason I thought they were being held at the exact same time and I was SO bummed that I’d have to miss the shower, because I had committed to the Heart Walk first.  I was so happy to discover, earlier today, that I was wrong, and I will be able to do both!!

It’s not too late to donate for the Heart Walk if you are so inclined!  Here’s the link to my Personal Fundraising Page.

I walked out of the bedroom a little earlier tonight to put away some folded clothes and my hubby said “You look pretty”.
I was wearing pajamas.  And yes, he was serious.  I sure do love him.

I’m taking my exhausted self to bed.  Wishing y’all a great weekend!


14 thoughts on “Half-Asleep Fragments

  1. That’s sweet of your husband to say that–don’t recall mine every saying I looked pretty. I usually don’t, but sometimes I do. Glad you had such a good day!


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