SIMC – My Girls

Today, my two daughters had an Acteens recognition ceremony.  Acteens is a Baptist organization for preteen and teenage girls.  I started taking Shelbie to Acteens back when she was in middle school, and now she’s a senior in high school, still very actively involved.  Elayna was excited to start as soon as she was old enough, and really enjoys it.

I was involved in Acteens as a teenager and loved it.  I even went to the National Acteens Convention which was in San Antonio, Texas that year.  One of my best memories ever!  We had the best time.

At the ceremony today, the girls performed, they showed slides and videos, and the girls were recognized for their achievements.


That’s Dusty’s head on the left; he came with us to the ceremony. Shelbie was on Cloud 9. =)


Elayna is reciting a Bible verse that she has memorized.

ar1 ar2 ar5 ar6 ar8 ar9 ar10

I’m really glad my girls are involved in Acteens.  The leaders are wonderful people who have been a very special part of the girls’ lives.

Hope you had a nice Sunday in your city!


Unknown Mami


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