Wildlife, Back in the Bush

My husband has a camera mounted to a tree in our back yard.  It’s a motion-activated camera. He set it to video mode last week and we’ve gotten some really great images.

Each video is only 10-15 seconds long, so I really hope you’ll take a few minutes to watch them, and see yet another reason why we love living Back in the Bush.

He puts out a bucket full of corn every day and they come to feast on it. 

Mama (Doe) & Baby (Fawn)
Mama is SO skinny!  =(  Maybe we need to leave her some donuts!

I love how she stares at the camera.  Project Runway for Deer!

And here, the fawn is just lying down, chilling.  

It’s so peaceful here.  So quiet and rural; we’re more than three miles off the highway, back in the woods.
It makes the long, bumpy road so worth it.

We love our home!


12 thoughts on “Wildlife, Back in the Bush

    • We have squirrels too, and turkeys and hogs and birds….you name it. I love the deer but they prevent me from having a garden until I can invest a chunk of money in a fence to keep them out of that area. =\


  1. AAaaaahhh..how sweet! How fun to get videos of them, too. I love living in Florida. People don’t think about us having deer and wild turkeys….and so many horses! We’ve seen wild horses and even a small herd of wild pigs one time. Even a small black bear. We have a LOT of wildlife! Enjoy your holiday weekend! Hugs!


    • I love Florida, too. I think that so many people don’t know the ‘real’ Florida! It’s much more country and rural than most people realize. There are a lot of wild horses in a prairie not far from us. We have a lot of wild hogs around here. They are mean and destructive and quite tasty when cooked properly. 😉


  2. Oh My Gosh!!! I loved these videos! Whenever we go on vacation and I see a deer, I go happy crazy, “Deer! Deer! Deer!” I love them 🙂 The fawn is just adorable with the spots 🙂


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