Last Minute Fragments

Half-Past Kissin' Time

I’m barely slipping these in under the wire!  At least, for my time zone!


This week has been EXHAUSTING.

I had a heavy workload, and worked three twelve hour shifts in a row, which is what I usually work but some weeks it’s harder than others.
This was one of those hard weeks.


They say you can never actually ‘catch up’ on sleep.  But it sure does feel good to try!  I slept most of the day away today, and it felt delicious.


I love having a baby in the family to spoil.  We went to a thrift store on Thursday to get stuffed animals for the dogs (they love them and I’d much rather pay a quarter each than the ridiculous prices for the ones made for dogs – which are destroyed within days!)  Anyway, Elayna found these adorable little size zero shoes for Alexis.  SOOO cute!  And of course, I had to pick up a few outfits for her as well.



The new “babies” (as we call them) were hits as well.


Such a sweet face.


Butt sniffing. It’s a dog thing, you wouldn’t understand.


Puppy love!

Alright, that’s as much as I can stay awake for.  Hope y’all have a great weekend!


9 thoughts on “Last Minute Fragments

  1. Well, here you are! I missed your big move in all my crazy summer stuff!

    I always love catching up on sleep and even if they say you can I’m like you and love to try and prove them wrong!

    Great finds at the thrift store!

    I like your dividers too……somehow I have never figured out how to get those….sigh go figure!


  2. Ugghh I work those 12 hour shifts too and sometimes it is just too much.
    I always seem to be extra exhausted with the change of seasons…
    I am obsessed with baby shoes and baby feet. It drives my kids crazy, but what a find, they are adorable.
    Puppy Love:)
    I hope you continue to catch up on your rest.


  3. I stayed away from blogging too long…didn’t even know about your new blog!
    Cute babies! The only one of our 3 who will have anything to do with them is the Beagle and he just chews their eyes out. My smallest Dachshund will play with her one squeaky squirrel but only that one…it has to be that one!


    • Well I’m glad you found me! The only one of ours who really likes the Babies is Bo, the bulldog puppy. The other two want to have one just because they don’t want to be left out, but they don’t really play with them. Dogs are so entertaining!


  4. Hahahaha, that is so funny that the dog sniffed his toy’s butt!!! Love dogs, they are so much fun! Better late than never, I always say. Glad you got it in!! I hope next week slows down a bit and that you don’t have so many long shifts.


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