The Clumsy Cook

Me + Cooking= Dangerous.

Oh, the food is good, almost always.  Sometimes better than good; it’s been called amazing, delicious, “best I’ve ever had”.

It’s the injuries and fire….that’s the dangerous part.

I rarely burn the food, but I’m great at getting distracted and letting it boil over.  Which leads to stuff in the burners.  Which leads to FIRE.

A few years ago, I was carrying a boiling pot of meat and broth across the kitchen.  I dropped it.  Thick, burning liquid splashed my lower abdomen and leg.  It was NOT pretty.  I still have scars.

I’m constantly brushing against a hot pot or pan and burning myself.  Here’s the latest cooking-related injury:


That’s my arm, so yeah, a rather large burn. I was making Tater Tot casserole for my niece who just had a new baby. The things ya do for love!

I told my husband that, as dangerous as I am, maybe I should just give up cooking.
He was not a fan of that idea.
If I didn’t love cooking, this would be a great excuse to not do it.  But, I really do love to cook.

However, I think I need one of these signs in my kitchen:



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