All I Ever Wanted —

I haven’t really been in the mood for much blogging lately.  I have no idea why; just one of those things I guess!
But I am finally getting around to posting about our vacation.

We stayed close to home, and had a really good time.
Our week, in a nutshell: 

Monday – The girls and I visited the new baby, Alexis, as well as  Hayleigh, Heather & Angie.


Elayna & Alexis


Shelbie & Alexis


These two….oh, my heart!!!!

Tuesday – We went to Wild Waters, a water park in Ocala, Florida.  While we were in Ocala, we ate at Long John Silvers, because we no longer have one here in our town and OMG.  Yum.


Love to see them smile =)


Elayna on the slide

Wednesday – On Wednesday, we visited my parents.  We went to Steak and Shake for lunch and did a little shopping  Then we had a craft day with my mom. Now, neither my Mom nor I are crafty chicks, but we had some stuff we wanted to do.  My Mom collects garden Gnomes and some of them have gotten very faded over the years, so Shelbie repainted several of them for her.


I had the bright idea to make can koozies for all of the family members, to eliminate the problem of full soda cans sitting around, one sip taken, and then nobody knows who it belongs to.

They may not be Pinterest-worthy but they are cute and functional!

On Thursday, we went to St Augustine.  We stayed overnight.  We went to Vilano Beach and showed the kids where Byron and I got married, and where we stayed for our honeymoon.  We swam in the hotel pool.  Then we walked through the historic district, shopped, and ate some amazing food.

The plan was to go to the beach again on Friday and spend most of the day there.  However, it stormed and washed away our plans, so we ended up heading home early.


Being good sports for me. From left, Elayna, me, Shelbie, Dusty, Kaley, and Tyler. (Byron is the photographer)


Me & Elayna


Elayna made a turtle for me


Shelbie and Dusty


Kaley & Tyler


One of my favorite restaurants in St Augustine – Sunset Grille.


Me and Byron at dinner


One of the signs on the wall at Sunset Grille. Not only is the food fantastic but they play awesome music; Tom Petty and the Eagles were played before we even got our dinner. ❤

















On Saturday, we all went to my parents’ house again, and I cooked Tater Tot Casserole and a cake, which we took to my niece’s house and ate with them.  It was my parents, Byron, me, my girls, my niece, her husband, my sister, and my niece’s two babies.  Full house!  I wanted to give everyone a break from cooking, since Heather just had Alexis via c-section.
The food was yummy and we had a great visit!

And that pretty much wrapped up our vacation/stay-cation.  The kids enjoyed themselves and so did the adults!  I can’t believe summer is already over… went by so quickly.

Has school started where you are?
Did you take a summer vacation? 


7 thoughts on “All I Ever Wanted —

  1. No vacation for me this year. Or last. Or for many a year.

    School starts on Monday. I’m ready for at least the foster daughter to go back. She’s been like Pig Pen leaving a trail behind her for the last few weeks. It’s the never-ending battle to keep her to pick up her stuff.


  2. Sounds like such a fun time. I would have enjoyed your trip for sure! Besides visiting with my dad and celebrating his 90th birthday we went to Mammoth Lakes for a week, visiting Bodie and the Bristlecone Pine forest while we were there. Not sure about the kids in school but I think they started on Monday.


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