Welcome Back, Fragments!

Well hello there, friends!  Did you miss me?
Last week, we were on vacation, and this week, I’ve been in my work/sleep/work/sleep mode.


Vacation was great and I can’t believe I haven’t even sat down and shared the pics here.  Soon…..


I’m excited to welcome Friday Fragments back to their home at Half Past Kissin’ Time!
I didn’t get to visit the first week that they were back home,
because I was on vacation, so I’m doing it now.
I hope you enjoyed your summer in sunny California.


My husband is so cute.
He frequently has very vivid dreams.  Sometimes good, sometimes bad.
The other day he had a good one: first of all, we won the lottery.
Then, he inherited $10 million from a long-lost, distant relative.
So, I made him donate half of that, $5 million, to an animal rescue group.

Which sounds so unlike me.  </sarcasm>
Our donation saved so many animals, I was given an award from the president.
Byron knows me so well.


I’m pretty sure I watch more Spike TV than many guys out there.
I particularly enjoy Bar Rescue and Tattoo Rescue.  For some reason they just fascinate me!


See this sweet, innocent face?
(the one on the right, not mine, not even close….)


That sweet little puppy ATE MY FLIPPING SHOES.
My brand new shoes that hubby bought me in Saint Augustine.


Bo and I are not currently on speaking terms.

Half-Past Kissin' Time
Visit Mrs  4444 for more Friday Fragments!

16 thoughts on “Welcome Back, Fragments!

  1. dog and shoe eating – too common of a problem. Our past dog (left us years ago) liked to eat some of the girls underwear. You know how teens can sloppy with their dirty clothes. The dog loved that. Disgusting.
    Hey about those dreams. If dreams do come true, we could work out a deal for your spare change.


  2. Oh no! And those were cute shoes!! My dog and I are rarely on speaking terms. She threw up on my bed last week. I was like, “Couldn’t you have at least jumped off the bed and thrown up on the floor!” So gross! Really we should never have given in and let her on our bed!


  3. Oh my goodness, I love the blog theme and layout!!! How very classy!! Don’t you love it when those darling puppies chew the crap out of something?? My rottie mix once go so mad at me for leaving her, she chewed all of my things up in the bathroom. She surpassed hubby’s stuff sitting in the same cup, and only tore to shreds the things that belonged to be. Talk about vindictive, right?

    Really, this is a very lovely space, nicely done Cyndy!!!


  4. Now that was an awesome dream he had! Sorry about the shoes. My daughter would call and tell me Charlie ate this up or that up and all I could say was “where were they that he could get them?” I’m just sayin’…….


    • You got me on that one Debby! LOL The shoes were by the front door BUT in my defense, Bo has never been a chewer before. We buy him bones and he chews on them but that was all. Until yesterday…..Live and learn!


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