So Grateful

Oh, I have so much to be thankful for this Saturday!

#1 – I am oh so thankful that this baby has arrived, safe and sound!  And for this beautiful face.  Those CHEEKS!  

This is my brand-new niece, Alexis Claire, who was born on Thursday.

This is my brand-new niece, Alexis Claire, who was born on Thursday.

#2. I am also VERY thankful for her darling “big” sister, Hayleigh, who will be 18 months old on the 6th.  She always puts a huge smile on my face!

Such pure sweetness.

#3. I’m thankful that these girls’ Mama, my niece Heather, had a relatively easy pregnancy and delivery.

#4. I am thankful that my niece’s husband just adores his baby girls.  I pick on him a lot, but he is a GREAT Daddy.

Doting Daddy

Doting Daddy

#5. I am thankful that my son, Tim, has been to the hospital twice to visit with them.  My kids are very close to their cousin Heather, and all three of them adore those baby girls.  But I think it’s extra special that Tim, a 20 year old GUY, loves the babies so much.  He took Shelbie and Elayna to the hospital on Thursday night (they’re with their dad this week), and on Friday night he went up there by himself AND bought dinner for Heather and her husband, DJ.  So I’m not bragging or anything, but my boy is pretty much awesome.

#6. I am thankful that I am on Vacation!  I have a total of 12 days off; my last shift was Tuesday night, and I’m off until NEXT Monday night.  I am SO looking forward to some quality time with my girls! And my hubby, of course. We have some fun stuff planned.
I wish my son could join us, but he is a hard working young man and he has to work all week.

#7. I am thankful that the quote below is such a very true statement.


He is so good to me, doing whatever is in his power to make me happy.

#8. I’m thankful for some great internet friends and all of you who followed me over here to my new home!  Yes, I said that last week, but even more of you have come over and I may just say it again next week!  So neener neener!

#9. I’m thankful that several of you showed interest in my Instagram Carnival idea.  I’m going to start it on Tuesday!  So be sure to come by and link up if you are so inclined.  Also, if you use another photo app like Flickr, you are still welcome to join in.

#10. On a totally unrelated and shallow note: I am incredibly, amazingly thankful for crab legs.  By far, they are my favorite food.  I honestly believe the good Lord put them on this Earth to prove that he loves us and wants us to be happy.  I also believe that, if I’m a good girl, when I make it to the Pearly Gates, God will meet me in Heaven with a heaping, steaming plate of crab legs and a bowl of drawn butter with garlic.
Eating crab legs is an experience, with me.  I am usually a pretty neat eater but when it comes to crab legs, all bets are off.  I make a huge mess.  I chew oh-so-slowly to savor every delicious moment.  I honestly feel sorry for people who don’t enjoy seafood; to me, they are missing out on one of the best foods there is.  And it’s also healthy!  (shutupaboutthebutter)

I'm pretty sure this is what Heaven tastes like.

I’m pretty sure this is what Heaven tastes like.

Hope y’all are having a wonderful weekend!  Go read some more Thankful posts – they are inspiring!

Ten Things of Thankful

19 thoughts on “So Grateful

  1. I love the new look you have going!
    Your son is an absolute doll. Can’t say I know a 20 year old guy who would not only visit a baby in the hospital, but also have the skills to know to bring food. Impressive indeed!
    12 days?!?!? Lucky you! Can’t wait to hear about the fun you’ve had.
    I very much enjoy seafood, but I don’t eat crab legs. I just don’t want dinner to be that much work. My husband, oldest son, dad, and brother devour them every chance they get, but I just can’t do it. I would love to see you have at it, though. Instead of the crab legs, show us a photo of you after inhaling a few. 🙂
    And lastly, when I read “and it’s healthy!” I started to think, “No it’s not!” Your parenthesesed comment made me laugh out loud.


    • Thanks – I’m really loving my new bloggy home! Crab legs are so worth all the effort! Now one thing I will NOT eat is crawfish. To me they are not worth it. I call them insects of the water! I really am proud of my boy. He even held the baby and had his pic taken with her. He’s going to be a good daddy – hopefully several years in the future!


  2. One might say the baby took the high priority this week! Congratulations to another healthy child in the world. Hopefully, the world will become a better place for her. Having lived along the Gulf Coast for 14 years, the one thing I hate about living in the Central United States is the lack of good seafood. People are fooled here by Red Lobster and Joe’s Crab Shack, neither of which could make a go of it in the real seafood country. We didn’t have the huge crab legs, but flounder, crab claws and cakes, and other delicacies are sorely missed. Good post!


  3. Gorgeous, gorgeous great-niece. Thanks for so many lovely photos.

    What a gorgeous family you have, with all of them rallying round each other and taking such care of one another. The force is strong with you guys and it warms my heart to see it. Also, what a thoughtful son you’ve raised! Mega kudos to you on that one. He sounds like a star.

    I’ve never been a massive fan of crab, though the glint which comes into my mum’s eye when she sees fresh crab on a menu is scarily maniacal….so I guess she’d *completely* understand you on this one.

    Have a wonderful vacation. I’m off in a couple of weeks and so looking forward to it. Nothing like time away to recharge and reconnect with what’s important in life.


  4. My children are almost exactly that far apart. The Girl was born the day before the boy turned 18 months. Half birthdays became kind of a big deal and I always had to explain the timing to people. 🙂

    #10 is totally okay, even though I don’t eat them. A shallow thankful is great amongst all those great big thankfuls… in fact, sometimes I think it’s the great bigs ones that make you notice the smaller things! 🙂


  5. Thank you for sharing your beautiful list…and I LOVE where you brag on your boy a little bit. I hope my boys are that tender when they are adults. That’s so sweet!

    And vacations…always the best. And if nothing else, I think they make me appreciate home even more. Thanks for sharing your list!


  6. Congratulations on the new addition to your family! I love that your son is so enamored with his cousins and yes, I think you totally nailed it by saying that for a 20-year old guy, that is indeed pretty awesome. Oh and crab legs. YUM> YUM YUM.


  7. New babies bring such joy! She’s beautiful, and her sister must be excited. Brownie points for your son.

    I agree with you about crab, too–though I think the best part is the main meaty part (not the legs, though those are super delicious, too) of Dungeness crabs. Yum!


  8. Congratulations to you, your niece and the entire family!! Babies are a blessing.
    I love reading things people are thankful for. Too many people complain about every little thing. It’s wonderful and refreshing to find the positive in ones life.


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