I Won’t Be Misery’s Company

I firmly believe that happy, well-adjusted people do not sit around devising ways to make other peoples’ lives miserable.


Happy people mind their own business and live their happy lives.  They don’t have time for creating drama because they are busy doing things that are positive and enjoyable.  Loving those who love them.  Finding ways to bring happiness to those who make them happy.


And then..there are other people.

I’ve had a lot of stuff happen that could have turned me into one of those miserable people.  But that’s just not me.  I really don’t know how or why, but I think at some point many years ago I realized that life is full of ups and downs.  Bad stuff is going to happen; that’s just the nature of life.  You can either let it get you down and become jaded and negative, or you can roll with the bad stuff and focus on the GOOD stuff.  And make the best of whatever good things are in your life – and you can almost always find something good to focus on.


I find it sad that some people derive pleasure from tearing others down.  It says so much about their lives.  I don’t feel sorry for them – just the people in their lives who have to be exposed to that negativity.


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9 thoughts on “I Won’t Be Misery’s Company

  1. I tend to veer away from negative people because if I can’t share in some kind of light- then the darkness sucks me in. I do try to encourage them as so many come into our lives with so much pain. That pain projects on others, and either they will transform or never change. If it’s the latter- then there is truly nothing we can do. Great message!
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  3. I have started in the last couple years to steer clear of negative or drama filled people. It is so not worth the energy you have to put into those relationships only to feel drained and have accomplished nothing in the end.


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