Sundays in my City (at my new Blog Home!)

We have had a pretty good weekend.

We went to my parents’ house to visit and my sister, niece, and niece’s baby came as well.

Hayleigh is at my all-time favorite age: almost 18 months old.

I love the whole 2nd year, but 18 months old is just perfection to me.  She is SO much fun!


Hayleigh making a goofy face while eating an ice cream cone.


I have no idea what was so funny.


She’s imitating her Aunt Cyndy in this picture. A two-fisted Diet Dr Pepper drinker!

At my parents’ house, I made chicken & dumplings and green beans, and Shelbie made Monkey Bread for dessert.  (I also made BBQ ribs for my husband & father, who are not huge fans of chicken & dumplings.  I can’t even imagine.)

While we were there, a neighbor came over with her TINY 2 month old baby.  She is adorable; she looks like a baby doll.  My niece (who is VERY pregnant, due any day) held the baby to see how Hayleigh would react.

Hayleigh broke her tortilla chip in half and offered it to the baby!  It was hilarious; she is a good little Southern girl already, making sure nobody goes hungry.

When we got home, I made a fire in my pit and Elayna and I sat out by the fire.

We talked and drank Dr Peppers and took Selfies.


Fairy lights and fire light.



Elayna is changing a lot lately.  It’s like her face is maturing.  She looks prettier than ever (not that I am biased, or anything.  Hee hee).

This photo is an obvious exception!  Mature?  NOT SO MUCH.


I call this photo “Nerd Girl”.

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23 thoughts on “Sundays in my City (at my new Blog Home!)

  1. Sounds like a great weekend!

    Elayna really looks like she’s maturing in the face. It’s hard to watch your baby grow up. 🙂

    Bet you can’t wait till the new baby comes….


  2. Such pretty girls!! You are definitely one lucky mama. 🙂

    And LOVE your new look. Might be a little different getting familiar with WordPress as opposed to blogger, but so far so good!!


  3. Fun weekend. Much better then mine with the whole pool debacle 😉 Still soo jealous of the chicken n dumplings. I think I might have to make some this week.


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